DIY Garage Workshops

The DIY (Do It Yourself) motto of home improvement and design is catching on in popularity. With the numerous television programs that demonstrate home renovation, to the classes being offered at the big box home improvement stores, and the vast amount of content online, in both written, and cinematic form – You tube has become one of the most popular choices for both the professionals and the not-so professionals to post how-to videos. But, all of that building equipment has to go somewhere, and for those of you not willing to keep the table saw in your kitchen, it is bound to end up in a space like the garage. Garages are the best storage option in most homes, and, because of the unfinished nature of the garage, homeowners don’t mind shutting the door on a dirty garage. When the garage needs to be cleaned, the concrete pad on the floor cleans easily.


Garage workshops can be as simple as two sawhorses and a crosscut hand saw to a full mechanical and electrical woodworking shop. Either way, the tools within that shop will need to be protected. An intensive home woodworking shop may have everything from expensive motor driven saws to air circulation and dust collection. The garage door is all that stands between all of that expensive equipment and the outside. If the garage door is broken, or if the garage door isn’t equipped with the necessary safety features, those tools could be at risk.

Modern Garage door openers have helped to prevent break-ins from thieves. In the past, thieves could drive down a street pressing the button on a garage door opener, and if they drove past someone with the same garage door opener as they had, the door would open. Now, garage door transmitters are built for the opener. When the button on the transmitter is pressed, a code is sent to the garage door opener. There are over a billion codes that relay between the transmitter and the opener, so it is a low risk that someone could easily determine what code to use to open the door.

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