Garage Storage

The garage is the most utilitarian room in the home. It’s used for practically everything. Everything from odd, dirty jobs, to refined woodworking, the garage can handle it. But in the evolution of things going on inside a garage, it’s possible to crowd out the cars or trucks for which the garage was made. But you can have it all, have a place for cars, a place for hobbies/dirty work, and a place to store it all, with just a few simple modifications to the way in which you utilize the space in the room.

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Shelving is important to the garage because it allows open storage of the things we are not necessarily trying to display. On shelves things can be placed which have nothing in common, other than that they are supposed to be stored in the garage. This is a great area for cans of paint (there’s almost always some paint leftover after a job), for the misc. tools (considering you don’t already have a workbench in place), etc. Shelves can be as complex as reinforced steel bought at a home center, or as simple as a bracket screwed into the wall studs, with certain care given to ensure the brackets are even and level. The brackets are then topped with a common board for a shelf, nothing fancy. If you are going to put in shelves, put the shelves on the same side of the room, so that you don’t further hem in the space for the cars to park.

Vertical Storage Options

Because most garage’s function better with as much floor space open as possible, vertical storage is a wise choice. This could be shelving, but it could also be overhead storage, to be affixed to the ceiling joists away from the space dedicated to the garage door. There are many options for this vertical storage system, and they basically function as shelving brackets which have screwed into the ceiling joists, supporting then, at ninety degree angles, a shelf which is dropped below it. While this is an excellent storage idea, it’s also important that you don’t use this option to store the things for which you have constant use.

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