Winter Care For Your Garage Door

Wintertime poses certain problems for garage doors. For instance, Snow can accumulate near the bottom of the garage door. The snow melts in the warmer temps of the day, and the water of it flows freely beneath the door’s weather seal, and then when the temperatures drop back down to below freezing, the garage door becomes stuck in ice. It’s a common problem, especially in a climate like ours here in Montana. Make sure to clear away any snow from the garage door. A broom works best. Just sweep away the snow from the door, then shovel it away with the rest of the snow on the driveway.

If the garage door does freeze in place, there’s a few steps to ensure that you don’t damage the garage door in trying to open it. Oftentimes when a garage door freezes to the ground, opening it could cause the bottom weather seal to stay frozen down, whereas the rest of the door retracts upward into the track. Also, the door may unstick from the ice, but retract in such a jarring, off-kilter, way, that the garage door components become damaged, or possibly even damage the track. If you suspect your garage door is frozen shut, it’s best to inspect the bottom of the door before opening it, and, if it appears that there is ice beneath the door, use an ice scraper to unstick it. If you are unsure if the garage door is stuck in ice, it’s best to disconnect the garage door by pulling the manual release cord and attempt to open the door by hand.

The bottom weather seal of the garage door can also be prepped with a silicon spray such as WD-40, or even PAM cooking spray, which will prevent the rubber door seal from sticking down to frozen water. However, silicon sprays should be applied every few weeks, because the effects will eventually wear off. Spray the bottom parts of the door when it is opened. Another option is to use a cat litter or sand along the bottom seal of the garage door to soak up any excess moisture near the door.

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