Someone stole my remote! My home and belongings are in danger! What should I do?

Garage door remote controls are among the most coveted items on burglars’ lists, and for good reason.  Such a remote essentially acts as a key to your home, or your garage at the very least. A stolen remote means a burglar can access your belongings with the push of a button, so what can you do when your remote is stolen?

As it turns out, there’s quite a bit you can do when this happens to you.

First of all, most garage door openers provide a way to disable remote controls when something like this happens. There should be a button located on your garage door motor’s housing that should do the trick. The color and appearance of this button will vary depending on the brand of garage door opener you have, but pushing and holding it for a couple of seconds should deprogram all remote controls connected to it. You can then reprogram all remote controls and keypads you have so they can still be used.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of reprogramming all of your remaining keypads and remotes, you can always use the LOCK function on your garage door opener to disable all remotes. This won’t solve your problem if you ever unlock your garage door opener, but it will temporarily deter the thief who stole your remote in the first place. This might also come in handy if you aren’t sure if your remote was actually stolen; simply LOCK your garage door until you’ve either found your remote or you’re sure it was taken.

Of course, the best way to solve this problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Be proactive by locking your car doors at all times, and keep your garage door opener remote out of sight. If you have the options of placing a mini-remote on your keychain, do that instead of keeping a remote in your car. A mini-remote that you keep on your person will be a lot harder to steal than one that is kept in your car.

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What You Didn’t Know About Today’s Garage Doors

Garage doors aren’t an everyday purchase, so it may be as many as fifteen years since you’ve looked at garage door options. This newer generation of garage doors is stronger, better insulated, and more secure than their forebears. They also require a lot less maintenance while giving you broader choices in just about every area.


Garage doors in the “old days” were often made from wood. Now, most are made from steel backed with insulation. Steel panels range from 24 gauge (the strongest) to 28 gauge, and most are embossed with a subtle pattern or smooth finish. Baked-on primer and a polyester topcoat are two things to look for if you want the maximum rust protection available. Warranties on steel garage doors start at 10 years.

Plastic is an even newer option and may become the most popular one. Like their steel counterparts, plastic garage doors are lightweight and durable with minimal routine upkeep. Unlike the older wooden doors, and even newer steel ones, they aren’t subject to rot or corrosion. Plastic doors also have the advantage of operating much more quietly than doors made from other materials. Plastic doors can carry a warranty of 20 years or more.


An insulated garage door is the optimal choice for homeowners in areas of the country that experience three or four seasons. If your garage is attached to your house, or if you have living space attached to your garage, you’ll also want to consider an insulated door. It helps cut down on cold, tamps down noise, and makes the door more immune to denting. Newer model garage doors have what is essentially a steel door “sandwich” – thick layers of steel on the outside with a core of insulation. A thin steel or plastic backing attaches the insulation to the outer steel layers. This “sandwich” construction makes for a very strong but lightweight garage door.


A garage door can make up a significant portion of your house’s exterior. Every major garage door manufacturer offers a range of style options. From basic panels to more decorative ones, you can choose the elements that work with your budget and home style. Even color options have been updated. Where you used to have to choose from basic, light neutrals, many companies are now offering deeper colors and a more refined color palate. If none of the many options are quite what you’re looking for, a custom garage door design can be ordered from most companies.

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What Are The Most Common Problems With Garage Doors?

Maybe you tried to leave for work today only to have your garage door refuse to open. Perhaps your garage door doesn’t open and close as smoothly as it once did. There are a variety of issues that people may experience with their garage doors, but many can be traced back to a few root causes.

Dead Transmitter Batteries

First things first: make sure your transmitter batteries are working. If they’re out of juice, they can’t transmit a signal to your garage door, telling it to open or close. Luckily, this is a simple fix – just replace the batteries.

Misaligned Tracks

Your garage door runs on a metal track, and this track needs to be properly aligned for your garage door to move. Gaps between the rail and rollers or bends in the rails are a serious problem. Your garage door is heavy and can make even seemingly insignificant problems with the track worse, making your garage door a danger to use.

Broken Springs

If you’ve checked your transmitter batteries but your garage door still won’t open, you may have a problem with your door springs. Garage doors have either one or two torsion springs that do the heavy lifting of raising your door. If a spring is broken, the door may struggle to open – if it opens at all. A professional garage door repair service should be called immediately, before you try to open or operate the door further.

Broken Tension Springs or Cables

Garage doors also have tension springs, which help the door open and close safely and smoothly. If your garage door is closing much more quickly than normal and hits the ground with a bang, you may have broken tension springs or cables. This is a dangerous situation that should be addressed by a professional garage door repair service. Once tension springs or cables break, there is nothing preventing the door from crashing down onto whatever may be in its path. Call a repair service as soon as you can, and refrain from using your garage until the door is fixed.

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Fall Garage Cleaning Tips

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn from green to yellow, and there’s a coolness to the air; Daylis stadium is again a murmur of high school football fans on Friday nights, and the tractors are already out cutting cornfield mazes to the west of town: It must be fall. You’re not the only one feeling the oncoming cold weather, however, and mice and other critters are preparing for the cold weather, possibly even taking refuge to the warm confines of your garage. Mice can find a way into most spaces, so let’s not give them a reason to try. Here’s a few tips to keep them out.


What’s stored in the garage?

Mice can build little nests in the most cramped of spaces. Going into your garage you should look at what’s being store there.  Are there old pieces of furniture? Do you store boxes or other loose trash there? Is there a woodpile stocked in the garage? All of these places make for excellent mouse habitat. First, clean out the garage, specifically what’s on the floor. While mice can take up residence about anywhere, place like a cardboard box stuffed with tissue or even the pile of dead grass and leaves beneath the lawnmower are nothing more than future rodent residencies. Also, wood stacked in the garage is convenient for those cold days, but it’s also providing a comfortable nook for mice to sleep.

Clean the Garage

Mice are drawn to the smells of most things, especially food, trash, or dog food. Keep the garage clean of bags of trash. Also, if you store food in the garage, make sure everything is well-sealed. Loose food should be stored in cans or containers with a tight fitting lid. Dog foods should be also kept in a sealed container. Remember, Mice really, really love dog food—don’t give them a reason to come in for a meal.

If your garage is a mess and you’ve decided to clean it up, take precautions. You may already have mice, and mice can carry certain diseases like hantavirus, which can be transmitted to humans by breathing in the dust exposed to it.  It’s nothing to overly worry about, because diseases like these are very rare. However, when you’re cleaning, take simple precautions such as a breathing mask and keep the garage well-ventilated.

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A Noisy or Shuddering Garage Door

garage door repair billings mt


It’s common for garage doors to need regular maintenance, but even with a consistent maintenance schedule, the hardware on the garage door can become loose or begin to wear out.  Usually you will know the hardware is damaged or loose, because the garage door will shudder in its track, or it may even get stuck halfway up (a stuck garage door is also a symptom for other door problems).  Think of it as a garage door tune-up, and here are a few ways to do it.

First, with the garage door in the closed position (if someone might accidentally turn on the garage door while you are working on it, it may be wise to disconnect the garage door opener) tighten down all of the hardware.  Usually the hardware that causes the most trouble will be near the track, where the continual jarring of the door moving up and down may loosen it.  A socket set and a wrench should be the right tools for the job.  However, be sure, when you are tightening down the hardware, that you don’t over tighten any of the screws or bolts, because this could strip the threads.

If the door is especially noisy near the track, it may be time to replace the rollers and the hinges.  For most people this will be a job for professionals, and the garage door technicians at Bailey Garage Door can certainly handle this job.  If you choose to do this yourself, you can contact Bailey Garage Doors for the necessary hardware for the job.  Use caution if you are replacing the rollers, and only replace one roller at a time.  If your door has tension springs at the header, a job like this can be dangerous, and you should refer to a professional to do the job.  Mishandling tension springs could cost you serious injury.

Garage Doors like the kind found at Bailey’s can last for years if kept up with regular maintenance.  If you think that your garage door is having problems, and you have been unable to diagnose the problem yourself, call Bailey Garage Doors, and rely on the experience of their garage door technicians.





Garage Door Maintenance Billings MT

Like most things, Garage Doors have moving parts that need to be maintained regularly.  Regular Garage Door Maintenance will contribute to the garage door’s reliability and longevity.  A reliable garage door could last for decades.  Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that it does.

Garage Door Maintenance Billings MT

First of all, it’s important to give the garage door a look and listen test.  When you open and close the door are there any strange sounds?  Does the door move smoothly in its track?  If the door’s making a rubbing sound, try to locate the sound—eyes only, don’t put hands anywhere near the moving parts of a garage door!  Also, if the door comes jarringly up the track, check the track when the door is in a down position.  Both sides of the garage door’s moving parts—springs, cables, and pulleys—should look symmetrical.

It’s a common problem for a garage door to have problems with the springs.  Springs are under intense pressures and often, because of this, the springs can wear out or break over time.  A worn spring could cause the garage door to stick in its track, or open and close jarringly.  To check the springs, disable the garage door opener, and lift the garage door halfway up into its track.  If the door balances there, the springs are in good condition.  If the door doesn’t balance, it’s often the springs, and, because springs are a notoriously dangerous component to fix, it is important to call a professional.

It’s also important to keep the garage door and the moving components lubricated.  There should never be any lubricant applied to the track.  This can do more harm than it would do good.  The track can be wiped clean, but lubricant could cause the door to slip in its track.  Lubricants can be applied to all the moving parts of the garage door.  For Garage door opener models, like Screw and Chain Drive models, it is also important to lubricate this component.

Also, make sure that all of the safety components are working properly.  The safety sensors should be working appropriately: the sensors are lit with green lights and the door can be closed by pressing the garage door opener.

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Commercial Garage Doors Billings MT

Bailey Garage Doors not only specializes in garage doors and garage door openers for residential use, but also high-grade commercial garage doors and commercial-grade openers as well.  But who needs a commercial garage door?  What are the benefits of adding a new commercial garage door to your business or home shop?  And, most importantly, when I choose to buy a commercial garage door from Bailey Garage Doors, which model will best suit my needs?


There are many obvious choices as to why a commercial garage door is needed: shops and other places where bigger vehicles are constantly pulled into and out of the garage, loading and unloading areas, etc.

If you own a business or have a home shop you probably already have a commercial garage door in place, so, why would you need a new one?  Newer commercial garage doors are well-insulated.

Models today can be built with polyurethane foams and thermal breaks, which, just like the insulation in the walls of the shop, business, home, etc., help to reduce energy costs. For those of you running a business you know that every penny counts, so putting in a new garage door—even though there may be some upfront cost for the door and opener—that door will save you money, and help your business to become environmentally friendly.

Commercial garage door openers are built for repetitive use: consider the mechanic who opens and closes the garage door periodically throughout the day; he is going to need a garage door opener that is built to withstand the repetitive abuse.

We carry three types of commercial openers: Jackshaft (J) Style Operator (optimal for industrial applications), Trolley (T) Style Operator (Optimal for general industrial applications for doors built in sections), and Hoist (H) Style Operator (optimal for industrial applications, with the added accessory of a chain that can be used to manually operate the garage door in the event of a power outage).

For Commercial Garage Doors, we carries three types: Thermally-Broken insulated steel sandwich door, Sandwich construction polystyrene models, and Ribbed steel models.  If you are unsure which model will best suit your needs, call the garage door professionals at Bailey Garage Doors.

Garage Doors Are A Good Investments

Garage doors are one of the best investments for which a homeowner can recoup a considerable sum—80 to 85% of their initial investment. In fact, it’s one of the best areas of the home to recoup any of the initial cost. But, putting just any new garage door in place of an older version isn’t always the best choice. Because much of the recouped costs of the initial investment stem from curb appeal, it’s important to choose a garage door that not only functions reliably and protects from the elements, but also fits the style of the home.

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C.H.I Overhead Garage Doors has numerous styles that will fit any homeowners needs. Most homeowners will choose the roll-up type of garage door, which is a garage door that, when opened, goes upward into a track, and, when closed, travels back down the same track. Other doors, such as carriage house-style garage doors open outward from the garage door opening. A carriage house-style garage door is a traditional door, and most carriage house doors have a truly traditional look. You can also purchase a roll-up style of garage door that has a traditional carriage house look, complete with the iconic hardware to the front of the garage door.

 C.H.I Garage Doors also have numerous style choices for the front of the garage door. While these doors are made of steel, doors can be purchased with raised or inset panels. The door can be accessorized with traditional cast hinges or simple and plain—doors that are super-sleek and modern-looking. For the traditional look, or just a truly custom look, the doors can be built with arched windows—similar to the traditional carriage house-style look—as well as rectangular, crisp-lined modern looking windows. Also, you can purchase C.H.I in numerous colors. The door can have a painted, simple appearance that comes close to matching or contrasting—depending on your tastes—the exterior of your home. Or, the door can be finished in a look that has the appearance of traditional wood, although it’s still a steel garage door—safe, functional, and lasting.

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Update Your Garage Door For Curb Appeal

Say it’s time to sell your home. Your looking through every room, making sure everything is in order. You look outside, check the landscape’s grade, water and trim the grass. While the inside of the home is important: it’s where potential buyers are looking to spend all of their time; consider the front or the face of the home: is it leaving an impression? Does it feel welcoming to potential buyers, lifting their spirits before they step inside? Curb-appeal is important. It’s not everything in a home sale, but it sets the tone. What shape is your garage door in?


Today’s real estate market is steady: it’s rising—for now anyway—and potential sellers are faced with considerable inventory still backlogged from a time when people struggled to sell homes for bottom-barrel prices. So, it’s important that a potential home stand out from the rest. A quality garage door from Bailey Garage Doors, grinning bright and new like a bright-white smile, greeting potential buyers, would seem to go far in today’s market. And, it may also set a home apart on price.

Also, is the door opener functioning properly? Are the safety measures such as the safety sensors functioning properly? This is important to new buyers: most buyers don’t want to buy a home they’ll have to invest considerable extra money for repairs. Check the safety sensors. The lights on the sensors should be green. Place an object in the way of the sensors and try to close the door. If the sensors are in working condition, the door wont be able to close properly on the object. Make sure to keep your hand on the opener switch, however, if the sensors are out of alignment, and the door closes without activating its sensors. Also, make sure that the door both recedes back up into the track and descends back into a closed position smoothly. If there’s a mechanical issue with the door, give a professional a call. Many garage door parts like a broken spring are best fixed by someone with the knowledge to do so, because the components are under such pressures that if mishandled it could cause serious injury or even death.  Call Bailey Doors today for all of your garage door needs! (406) 656-2905

Is Your Garage Door Sticking?

A garage door can get stuck—up, down, halfway—and, when it’s stuck, do you know how to get it moving again? Of course, by the laws of nature, the garage door will stick at the worst time: when your late for work, with a car full of kids on a freezing day, or when you’re on your way to an important dinner. Even the most well-built garage door, cared for with regular maintenance, can get stuck. The first step is to diagnose the problem: is the door stuck a fault of the opener? Or is it with the door itself?

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If the garage door opener has caused the garage door to stick, the door will retreat when the emergency cord is pulled. The emergency cord disengages the electronic garage door opener. This is a safety precaution built into the garage door. Try to move the door by hand—a half open door should be handled with extreme caution, as a falling garage door can be a very serious, threatening thing—if the door moves easily in the track, it’s the opener. If, however, the door remains stuck in position, it’s the door itself.

It could be as simple as an obstruction in the door’s track. Check the track, the area near the rollers, etc. for any possible catches. Loose hardware, such as a screw, could have fallen between the roller and the track.

There are many things that can affect a garage door from opening properly. Weather changes, a broken spring or pulley, or even an obstruction can be culprits. Most times, when the door is stuck, it is best to call a garage door professional. The garage door professional can temper with a force-adjustment mechanism that applied to the door. If you are unsure of the proper tensioning of these adjustment mechanisms, you could cause the door to fail to stop when it should and this could cause injury or death.

 Springs and Pulleys are best left to the pros. Springs are very dangerous to repair or replace if you don’t know what you are doing, because they are held up under great tension.

If you have any questions about how to handle a stuck garage door, it’s best to call a pro, but, with this simple checklist, you may be able to determine the cause much quicker.