Garage Doors Are A Good Investments

Garage doors are one of the best investments for which a homeowner can recoup a considerable sum—80 to 85% of their initial investment. In fact, it’s one of the best areas of the home to recoup any of the initial cost. But, putting just any new garage door in place of an older version isn’t always the best choice. Because much of the recouped costs of the initial investment stem from curb appeal, it’s important to choose a garage door that not only functions reliably and protects from the elements, but also fits the style of the home.

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C.H.I Overhead Garage Doors has numerous styles that will fit any homeowners needs. Most homeowners will choose the roll-up type of garage door, which is a garage door that, when opened, goes upward into a track, and, when closed, travels back down the same track. Other doors, such as carriage house-style garage doors open outward from the garage door opening. A carriage house-style garage door is a traditional door, and most carriage house doors have a truly traditional look. You can also purchase a roll-up style of garage door that has a traditional carriage house look, complete with the iconic hardware to the front of the garage door.

 C.H.I Garage Doors also have numerous style choices for the front of the garage door. While these doors are made of steel, doors can be purchased with raised or inset panels. The door can be accessorized with traditional cast hinges or simple and plain—doors that are super-sleek and modern-looking. For the traditional look, or just a truly custom look, the doors can be built with arched windows—similar to the traditional carriage house-style look—as well as rectangular, crisp-lined modern looking windows. Also, you can purchase C.H.I in numerous colors. The door can have a painted, simple appearance that comes close to matching or contrasting—depending on your tastes—the exterior of your home. Or, the door can be finished in a look that has the appearance of traditional wood, although it’s still a steel garage door—safe, functional, and lasting.

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