Commercial Garage Doors Billings MT

Bailey Garage Doors not only specializes in garage doors and garage door openers for residential use, but also high-grade commercial garage doors and commercial-grade openers as well.  But who needs a commercial garage door?  What are the benefits of adding a new commercial garage door to your business or home shop?  And, most importantly, when I choose to buy a commercial garage door from Bailey Garage Doors, which model will best suit my needs?


There are many obvious choices as to why a commercial garage door is needed: shops and other places where bigger vehicles are constantly pulled into and out of the garage, loading and unloading areas, etc.

If you own a business or have a home shop you probably already have a commercial garage door in place, so, why would you need a new one?  Newer commercial garage doors are well-insulated.

Models today can be built with polyurethane foams and thermal breaks, which, just like the insulation in the walls of the shop, business, home, etc., help to reduce energy costs. For those of you running a business you know that every penny counts, so putting in a new garage door—even though there may be some upfront cost for the door and opener—that door will save you money, and help your business to become environmentally friendly.

Commercial garage door openers are built for repetitive use: consider the mechanic who opens and closes the garage door periodically throughout the day; he is going to need a garage door opener that is built to withstand the repetitive abuse.

We carry three types of commercial openers: Jackshaft (J) Style Operator (optimal for industrial applications), Trolley (T) Style Operator (Optimal for general industrial applications for doors built in sections), and Hoist (H) Style Operator (optimal for industrial applications, with the added accessory of a chain that can be used to manually operate the garage door in the event of a power outage).

For Commercial Garage Doors, we carries three types: Thermally-Broken insulated steel sandwich door, Sandwich construction polystyrene models, and Ribbed steel models.  If you are unsure which model will best suit your needs, call the garage door professionals at Bailey Garage Doors.

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